4th Annual SmartBet Charity Tournament for Chicago

SmartBet 2009

SmartBet 2009

The fourth annual SmartBet charity poker tournament (http://www.SmartBet.org) will be held September 17th in the Chicago Cultural Center. 

And great news… this year one of the prime beneficiaries will be CAAT, the Chicago Academy of Advanced Technology (http://www.chicagotechacademy.org). This is the new public high school focused on technology and entrepreneurship that we’ve worked so hard to launch.  I’m proud to tell you the school opens on September 8 for our new freshman class!

The SmartBet poker tournament is a blast… hundreds of local technology executives and entrepreneurs, an open bar, great food and a staff of professional dealers. You don’t have to be a poker star to play… beginners are welcome, and will definitely have fun.

SmartBet supports charities that develop young people to become Chicago’s future technology leaders. This year the three primary charities are CAAT, i.c. Stars and Future Founders… all great programs that are making a huge difference for the future of our community and industry.  All together, seven charities will benefit from your generous support.

Would you buy a table for $2500, and bring along your friends and associates to play?  Or for a little bit larger donation, we’ll seat you at our special “High Rollers for Charity” table, where I promise you’ll have a great time and help these wonderful charities in our tech community.  Or if you just want to come alone and show off your poker skills, single seats are available for $250.

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