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ITA Chairman’s Dinner on Education

UPDATE: This even has been postponed to August to acomodate a larger gathering. More details will be announced soon.

If you’re interested in attending this invitation-only dinner and discussion, please feel free to contact me or register through the ITA.

Education and the Competitiveness of Chicagoland Companies

Two Million Minutes trailerWe’ll enjoy a private screening of the documentary Two Million Minutes, which compares the high school education of students in China, India and the United States.

America faces a crisis in education, particularly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM education). Right here at home, Chicagoland students fall well behind their counterparts around the globe. Nothing has a more direct impact on future competitiveness and innovation for our companies, and private sector leaders can become engaged as part of the solution today.

Two Million Minutes: a four year high school education

ITA Chairman’s Dinners are roundtable discussions where we dive deep on an important subject, and everyone contributes.

Dinner guests include Rick Stephens, senior executive at Boeing and a nationally engaged volunteer on education, Glen Tullman CEO of Allscripts and an education reform advocate, and Bob Compton a successful tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and producer of the documentary.

Your chance to influence curriculum, and the new Chicago high school for technology and entrepreneurship

We will also discuss local efforts like the new Chicago Academy of Advanced Technology (CAAT), a public high school opening in September with heavy involvement from the private sector.

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