Startup Dad: An open letter to my kids

I’ve spent a lifetime as an entrepreneur, starting a company in high school and spending every day of the next 30 years building, funding and mentoring many startups. But without a doubt the most rewarding — and challenging — startup of my life has been my family and the young women they are becoming. Now, many years have passed, and they will venture out into a world of their own soon.

The characteristics I’ve seen over and again among the best entrepreneurs I have known, and the traits that I’ve seen that help startup teams succeed, have much in common. I think these lessons matter regardless of what path you take in life.

I want my kids to be intellectually curious. To be helpful, courageous and reach beyond their comfort zone. I want them to be driven, to have passion that makes them work hard and love doing so. I want them to define their own success and achieve it. I want them to enjoy and be happy with the life of their own making.

So here’s an open letter to my kids, published by Entrepreneur magazine.

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