Agreed! RT @imjusX: @terryhowe…

Agreed! RT @imjusX: @terryhowerton I would love more schools like this in inner city neighborhoods across country

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Scouting calibrates its moral compass
Twenty years have passed since Scouting chose to join the culture war and began a shameful period of telling gay teenagers they were the one kind of child unworthy of being a Scout. In 1990, the Boy Scouts of America kicked out 19 year old James Dale (over the objections of the boys and adults in his community), and fought him all the way to the Supreme Court for the right to set their own membership standards. Today they have taken the first step back on a path that leads to equality, respe...
Earliest of TechNexus collaborators, OK Labs has been acquired by General Dynamics
Steve Subar launched and grew Open Kernel Labs from within Chicago's TechNexus incubator over the past five years, becoming only the second of what has now been more than 170 young companies to grow in the ecosystem. While growing at TechNexus, Steve led OK Labs to more than 50 employees, through millions of dollars in capital raises, and now to a successful exit to General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), a $32 billion aerospace and defense company.
Appreciating the teachers of Chicago Tech Academy
Grab a copy of this week's Forbes magazine for JJ Colao's great story about Chicago Tech Academy. It's fitting recognition for the school during a week the nation celebrates teachers:

Forbes is out with their list of Top Incubators and Accelerators in America, and it includes TechNexus. When we opened this facility five years ago, we did everything we could to avoid being called an incubator. The...
I’m 40, so my wide-eyed optimism has crow’s feet at its edges
Debuting my new Forbes column today; from my first contribution:
Am I getting too old for this entrepreneur’s game, maybe too cynical? Has my risk tolerance receded with my hairline? Have I become a midlife cliché after 25 years of being the youngest, most impassioned guy in the room? Screw all that. Everything is prelude. I’ve built some good organizations, but there’s still a really great company (or two or three) in me. I’ve know...

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