Boy Soldier, a photo essay

In honor of Veteran’s Day, a captivating photo essay from the Denver Post that follows the enlistment, training, service and struggles of a young man joining the US Army. It’s easy to forget that the warriors we send to battle are often just other people’s kids, and how great their sacrifice could become. 

The United States military is full of heroic men and women that defend our country and liberate freedom around the world… people who choose to put their lives and families on hold in the name of service.

But sometimes it includes kids who simply have no alternative, who lack the family and skills or opportunity and direction in life to succeed. In the best cases, the military becomes the family, provides the skills and direction, and is the opportunity those kids need. 

Some battles are born of necessity, some lurch from the poor choices and failed policies of politicians. Regardless, the American warrior has been a force for good throughout our history, and deserves the support of a grateful nation today.

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