Keep Chicago 2016, channel to a better social vision

2016-chicago-olympics-logoAn excellent article by Dennis Byrne in the Tribune, and well worth the read.  The civic support for this Olympic vision was significant… if we could channel that into meeting Chicago’s social needs then something great could be achieved.

Keep the name — Chicago 2016 — signaling the community’s intent to create a bright new city, without the motivation of securing the Olympics. Imagine if the same levels of skill and determination were put to use raising bushels of cash for the things that Chicago hasn’t been able to afford.

Money for cash-strapped civic and charitable institutions. Money for badly needed new ones. Not only would these institutions no longer have to worry about their own revenues from charitable contributions getting gobbled up by the Olympics, but also they would enjoy additional funds from the New Chicago 2016 effort.

Chicago’s a great, world-class city, and I’m proud it’s my home.  But there are far too many social needs unmet.

I’ve now seen first hand the abysimal state of public education in our community, and the news is full of crime and violence from kids without real stakeholders willing to engage them. 

If just a portion of Chicago 2016’s passion, organization, money and private sector effort were to go toward real education reform, the community could break cycles of poverty and empower generations of future leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in the community.

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